Hosanna is one week old today. The week has been quick, but slow at the same time. There is a lot going on and my body doesn't really know how to process it all. The kids are gone camping with my family for a few days so it's giving me a few more days to heal, my mind wants nothing more than a good run, but I KNOW my body is not ready for that.  (and don't worry, yes, I love running, but I will not be doing that till i get the ok from the doctor).

My husband was hopeful that his work would be willing to let him work remotely over the next 9-11 weeks while we are up here, but they said no. He was offered a temporary lay off, and after prayer and talking we decided that was the best option. We know he could always go back home during the week and work, and the kids and I could stay here, but I would be unable to go back and see Hosanna because Josiah is not old enough to go back there and the other two can only be there or 15 minutes.  We thought about having someone come stay with me while he went home to work, but i am not the type of person who can handle a different person around.  It would be way too stressful on me, even if the person here WAS a big help.  So now we are going to try to do what we can to get in some extra money, whether it's selling stuff, trying to find a little bit of side work, finding a place that would buy silver coins, (if we had any) or just about anything!  The good thing about the Ronald McDonald house is that we will be saving some money by being here.   They provide so much and are so wonderful, hopefully that will help make up for some of the money will will be losing.