Yta positive

Does Yta positive mean anything to anyone? no? that's cuz I don't have very many people reading this blog. That is the antibody I have in my blood. The one that caused the hospital lab to scratch their heads, then the regional lab to scratch their heads, then they sent my blood all the way to MD to the  National Institute of Health where they pinpointed what it was in my blood.  Not sure if it would have taken any less work if I had the lab testing in San Francisco, but I'm glad it got identified, or my doctor might have kept scratching his head for the rest of my pregnancy.

There's not a ton of research out there on this great antibody, but what little is out there doesn't show it affecting pregnancy or babies in anyway. The only issue will be if I need a blood transfusion after delivery, then they will have to search down some A+ blood out of the 1% of American's who share this antibody with me.