My new site

In my last post I told you I was moving. I am so excited to have my own .com!! I feel cool now.
I plan on using my site to share my thoughts and feelings on everything. I also will eventually have a store up and running there (hopefully). I plan on selling hair bows, Taggy blankets, bibs,and burp clothes. Maybe even a few other things.
As I said in the last post this site will continue to be up and running for my payu2blog assignments. I thought rather than try to be completely creative and think of ways to use words like billet grilles in a post about my daughter or saving money, I'd be free to talk about whatever I want to complete my assignments.
So please, visit my new site, leave me a comment :) While you're there look at my blogroll and go tell Ashley (twentysixcats) and my mom (ain't no place) thanks for helping me get it up and running! And much thanks to my husband for making the banner for my new site!