It's Christmas!!!

I am so excited! My husband has agreed to go along with Cloth Diapers. It took me 14 months but I have finally got him convinced it's worth it. Sure, the savings with Lexi might not be much since she is already 14 months old, but we will use the same diapers with the rest of the babies when they come, so we will get a lot of use out of them. (Especially since we want about 3 more-babies that is.
When the diapers finally arrive on my doorstep it is going to be like receiving a brand new Rolex or a BMW- that is how excited I am about getting these diapers.
For money reasons I have decided to go with prefolds, they are the cheapest and dry the fastest. Sure the All in ones and pocket diapers are easy and nice, but for the price of one you can get almost a dozen prefolds!
I am super excited!! Can you tell?