The Computer battle

We got a new computer about 3 years ago, what we got was good for back then. Now it's pretty slow.

I doubt we'll be getting a new computer any time soon, because we don't buy big ticketed items like that very often.

However, my sister in law is in the market for a new computer. It's amazing the battle that's going on between a desktop and a notebook computer, MAC or PC.

Many houses have several computers in it. Some as many as one per person.

I have to admit, although I like technology I don't like that aspect of it. Kids have tv's, dvd players, computers, and video game systems in their rooms.

As of right now I am saying I don't think I could ever allow that. How do you have family time, or be a family if everyone is in their rooms with their faces glued to tv or the computer. Even if you don't think about the lack of family time, if kids have computers with internet access in their rooms it is just asking for trouble. Even if the kid is a good kid, there are people all over the internet wanting to get children, and they are sneaky.

So no matter what our next computer choice is, the computer will stay in an open place.