Deal or No Deal.

I don't know if you watch Deal or No Deal or not, we do on occasion.

Everytime I watch a show that gives away a million dollars to contestants who just have to pick a case or sing a song I get caught up in "what would I do?"

On Deal or no Deal it's always "would I take that deal, or go on?" I watch over and over how the contestants are offered deals of over $100,000 and turn them down for the chance of getting more money.

I have to be honest, I would have to have a pretty good board to turn down $150,000. A VERY good board.

Yes, there is the small possibility that you could get more money, and you will be VERY disappointed when they make you "finish" the game and you find out you could have had more. But think about how much $150,000 would change your life!!

Sure, it wouldn't buy you any Las Vegas Real Estate, but it would pay off your debt, make a good down payment on a house, provide money for a nice vacation, bless many other people, and start a good savings account for your children.

Could you turn down $150,000 to take a chance to get more money?