The True meaning of Christmas

I was watching Everyone loves Raymond the other day and in it Ray gave his mom (Marie) a Christmas present. It was a membership to the Fruit of the month club. Each month for a year she was sent a basket of the fruit of the month, so each month it was a different fruit. She wasn't too happy with the present because she thought it was a lot of fruit, but really there is no pleasing that woman. Maybe if it had been a wine of the month club membership it would have made her happier.

This seems like a good gift to give to someone who likes wine, it would last all year long, each month a new bottle of wine gets delivered to their door.

Some people are hard to buy for, Do you have people like that on your Christmas list? I always get stuck wondering what to get the people who have everything. I normally lean towards gift cards, but some years I buy for people who get a trillion gift cards every year, so even a gift card isn't a good gift.

Sometimes you can make them something- which I love doing and can be a cheaper way out too. One year my husband's family decided we wanted to do a "homemade Christmas". We weren't allowed to buy ANY of the presents. Everyone made something for someone else. We thought it would be cheaper. The truth is we spent more money that year than other years, and we still had to spend a bunch of time making the gifts. :) Oh well!

If only we could accept the fact that Christmas isn't about presents, it's about Jesus' birthday, then we'd truly win. It seems like all of us have that head knowledge, but we still want to buy and get presents. I don't know anyone who doesn't get a little caught up in gift giving.

If you have gotten past the gifts of Christmas, please share your wisdom! With us Christmas is the only time we get presents, or anything so we look forward to it. Do you buy gifts for people at other times of the year? Do you just get things every once and awhile instead of just waiting until Christmas?