The Lord's Supper

How serious do you take Communion?

The Lord's supper is a serious thing to me, if there is one thing that bothers me, it's when people disrespect communion.

The actual way communion is taken doesn't matter, whether someone passes out the pieces of bread and juice representing the body, or if someone gives communion invitations for you to come up front and partake of it.

One of the things that people do to disrespect communion that really bothers me is talking, or not taking it serious. I don't think that at the Lord's supper the disciples joked around, or sat there talking during or after they ate the bread and drank the wine.

I bet they sat there silent, their thoughts full of who Jesus was, and what it all meant.

That is exactly how I feel after communion. The church I was a part of in TN didn't do communion regularly. It wasn't a tradition, or a habit. Nothing to take lightly or get used to doing. And when it was over, the pastor would say a brief prayer, and everyone left silent. No one spoke a single word until they were out of the sanctuary. I enjoyed that.

I've been to other churches, who although they took the act of communion serious, there was chatting, laughing, kids running around taking the communion crackers as a snack and it just didn't feel right.

How do you feel about communion? is it serious or do you allow room for laughing and chatting?