Have you ever watched a movie with subtitling? Sometimes it confuses me because I get caught up in the words on the screen instead of the words coming out of the actors mouths.

When I was in my Sign language class I was introduced to Closed Captioning. I thought it would be a neat job to type the subtitles. The coolest thing was going to plays done in sign language, lucky for us they had people to interpret it in English. It's so beautiful to see people signing, especially in large groups.

I guess I just have a love for language, because I think listening to other spoken languages is beautiful too. I took Spanish in high school, enough that I could have a fluent conversation in Spanish. The bad thing about languages is that if you don't use them you lose them. Unfortunately I don't remember too much Spanish.


ashley said...

When I lived in Peru, all the movies that came down from the States were in English with Spanish subtitles (except for most kids' movies, which were dubbed). I got very used to seeing subtitles! When I moved back to the States, I had a really hard time getting used to watching movies without subtitles so I would always turn that feature on when watching a DVD. :-)