Sega Genesis

Do you remember Sega Genesis?

We got one today.

For Free.

With 6 games.

It takes a big of trickery with the wires to get it started, but once it's started it works.

Now I can't get my husband away from the TV. Maybe if we had a pop up tv that I could just push a button and make it retract. Who knows, that might not even work.

You would think we wouldn't get this excited over a game system since we have four now. This would be our fifth, but we sold our original nintendo because we were sick of fighting with the blue screen of death.

Yah, we like video games.


Joanna said...

Did you know we're huge dorks? Because we are.

We have a Sega Genesis hooked up to our TV too. And a Super Nintendo. And an original Nintendo. And what's on the top of my husband's birthday list for the end of the month? An Atari so he can play the suitcase full of games we're storing.