Adjusting is hard

Lexi is proving to us that adjusting to a new baby in the house is extremely hard for her. She's very whiny, especially if her daddy is home. All she wants to do during the day is watch movies. One of her favorites right now is The Incredibles. I think she'd watch it all day every day.

The rest of us are adjusting pretty well, We're dealing with having less and less time for things for us like sitting on the internet or for Eugene-playing his games. He still gets some time after bed or during nap time to play his xbox or playstation (nothing fancy like a PS3, just the normal old fashioned play station.) I'm sure he'd like more time on them though.

Caylee is doing pretty good, she's adjusting to just nursing- no bottles anymore which makes life a little bit easier on me. I'm slowly figuring out how to balance kids, husband and housework. The house isn't as clean as I'd like, but it's acceptable I guess!

Speaking of housework, the diapers need washed!