Well, Caylee was born last Tuesday morning. It's a crazy story really, she came quite quickly. Life has been completely crazy since then with nursing, bili lights, a toddler who isn't adjusting very well and sleep exhaustion that taking over my body! Did I mention my husband hasn't even gone back to work yet? That happens tomorrow, I'm pretty nervous about him going to work and not being here to help me take care of Lexi. We chose to not have anyone here because I'd rather just have to adjust once instead of twice.

I spend a lot of time on the couch nursing and pumping, I wish we had nice, comfortable, modern furniture instead of our couch which is kinda hard and hard to get out of! Hopefully soon things will get a little easier as Lexi gets used to having to share her mommy and Caylee gets used to nursing and I get used to having two girls! For now I'll just push through, I know it wont be like this forever.