Guess what? Since Eugene was laid off and hasn't found a new job we are going to Tennessee early! We were going to leave Wednesday but decided to leave Saturday instead.

I am struggling with losing the baby weight I gained from the two girls, and although I wouldn't ever take diet pills, I was looking up some diet pill info to see what makes them so appealing to people. I think I'll stick with diet and exercise.

Anyway, I have a fussy baby tonight for some reason. I haven't had any dairy in 2.5 months so I don't know what is bothering her. and let me tell you, if I've ever had a craving in my life... it's right now! I want ANYTHING dairy. ice cream, milk, cheese, yogurt, even butter would be fine. However, I like having a happy baby better than dairy.

I think maybe God is trying to get me on a different diet, I couldn't have sugar while I was pregnant, and now I can't have any dairy. and YES, i still want more babies.