Bye Bye Chocolate

I enjoyed you for the past few months.

Last week I noticed Caylee started eating less, then she started waking up more (I know, you're thinking how can she wake up more when she doesn't sleep? I've been avoiding blogging about her sleep because she's done pretty good and I didn't want to ruin that!) Anyway, I also noticed her pulling on her ears again while she was falling asleep. So I scheduled a dr appointment and brought her in. Sure enough both ears are infected AGAIN. Last time she had an ear infection it lasted almost two months (that was about 2 weeks ago).

So she's on more antibiodics, and I've been forced to make a decision. I'm going back off dairy. She had no problems (with ear infections) the first 6 months of her life, it wasn't until I started having dairy again that she got an ear infection. We did allergy testing (with blood work) and they came back saying she had no milk allergy, but a mild egg white allergy and a moderate wheat allergy. So I went off wheat. However I really think the milk is behind the ear infections. There's nothing else that has changed.

So from here on out I am on a dairy free, wheat free diet. yay for me. If I don't notice a difference in her in a month maybe I'll go back on dairy, who knows. For now it's bye bye ice cream. :( Maybe the lack of dairy will help her ears stay clear, and maybe the wheat is upsetting her belly which is causing the lack of sleep. Wouldn't it be amazing if in a few weeks I have a happy, healthy baby who sleeps through the night?! That would be a miracle.

She had been doing better with the sleeping, for about 5 or 6 days anyway. three nights she only woke up twice, and only nursed once. The other few days she woke up about 4 times, but still only nursed once. Now she is back to waking up every hour and wanting to nurse every hour. I know it's from the ear infections. I've given up on the No Cry Sleep Solution for now, I feel like we're on the No Sleep, Cry solution instead. It's all part of being a mommy I guess, I know it wont last forever so I'm trying to keep my hopes up.

If she actually goes to sleep tonight I might have to take a long, hot bath and enjoy the quiet. :)