Update on the babies.

Lexi and Caylee are growing so fast. Lexi is in a twin bed now, and loves it. We were afraid what she would do at first because we heard horror stories of kids screaming, and coming out of their room all night etc. We tried the baby gate for the first few nights, just in case, but she never even got out of her bed. The biggest thing she does is lock her door while she's up there playing. Luckily the door hardware is broken so it doesn't really lock.

Caylee has an ear infection AGAIN. it took us 2 months to get rid of the last one, now two weeks alter they are back, both ears infected. hopefully this round of antibiotics will clear them up and keep them away.

I'm getting really excited for our camping trip coming up in July, it will be a blast, starting with my cousin's wedding. I was really hoping to lose some weight before then, but I have no self control. Since the race I haven't even been running regularly. It stinks. Hopefully I can get back out there AND control my eating too!