Lexi has a little friend spending the weekend with us. It's going to be a fun weekend. We've had him here one night, so far having 3 kids is pretty fun, of course that might be because Lexi and Camden are the same age and play nicely together. Watching friend's kids is a great job, no employee background check required. Best of all we're getting a date out of it too.

They offered to watch our girls one day next week so Eugene and I can go out. I have to admit, we have failed to take date nights since the girls were born. We've been out about 4 or 5 times since Lexi was born almost 3 years ago. We've been out once since Caylee was born 8 months ago. I would say a date is needed! Someone once told me you only have your kids for 18 years, you have your husband forever. Knowing that should make me really want to focus on our relationship even more. I can't put My relationship with Eugene off for the next 18 years then expect it to be great, because the truth is if I do that, in 18 years Eugene and I wont have a relationship.

So that's one thing I'm gonna work on. I'm sure it wont be weekly date nights, but maybe once a month we'll go out. Once a week we can have at home dates, turn off all electronics and just spend time with each other, talking while playing board games or something! :) We have done the board game thing before, we normally get on kicks where about 4 nights of the week we'll sit up and play cribbage or dominos or some other game. It's great.