Seems to be a very popular subject now days. and it's one I need to refamiliarize myself with. I used to be really good with things like not using the dryer unless absolutely necessary, planning menus around what was on sale each week, and even cutting back on the amount of food I eat. However the past year or so I've been completely out of it and have stopped almost all my money saving techniques.

Now I'm back to hanging my clothes to dry (on drying rack and hangers since I have no clothes line). We even have shut off the air conditioner now that it's not 95 degrees! I've started looking at sales flyers and planning menus for the week around them. I'm hoping cutting back on portions of food as well as learning how to burn fat will help me lose the weight that I REALLY need to get off my stomach!

We've even had a no spend month this month. Aside from buying groceries we've spent very little. Eugene did run out of shaving cream and deodorant and we ran out of laundry detergent (doesn't it figure it had to be this month). Other than those things we've spent no money, which is very unusual for us! and God has continued to provide for each and every need. It's awesome. Hopefully we'll be able to stick to our frugal ways and even come up with more ways to cut back on spending!