Girls night

Last night was so enjoyable! The ladies from my small group got together at one of their houses just to hang out. It was a great kid free time of fellowship. I don't get much adult time, let alone time with other girls so it was wonderful! We ate lots of great food, lasagna, salad, beans, garlic bread and mint melt aways (a yummy mix of brownies, a layer of mint cream, then a layer of chocolate. YUM!). Those few hours without the girls was as good as a weekend in Myrtle Beach vacation rentals.

I'm also looking forward to some time alone with my hubby on Tuesday morning. A friend of ours has agreed to watch the girls for a few hours so we can get away. We'll just be hanging out, walking around the mall or something free like that.

We also had some of Eugene's family here for a little bit, which was also great fun. It was fun to hang out with them and get to visit, plus with her cousins here Lexi was distracted and was pretty good! it's great to have all these little helps, it really lowers the stress level.