Fun Day

We went to the mall in an attempt to find some cute matching or coordinating outfits for the girls. I am always seeing adorable clothes at target, old navy and the children's place but we never have the money to buy them. Today we had the money but i couldn't find anything!!! Figures.

The girls were super, super good so we decided to take them to build a bear.There's nothing more fun than over priced dust collectors... ok, so that's my opinion, but the girls ask every time we walk by one, so we gave in. I remember LOVING  stuffed animals when I was a little girl. Caylee was a bit confused by the flat puppy that look like he'd taken too much lipo 6, but once she saw Lexi's cat come to life with stuffing she was beyond thrilled to push the pedal and help fill up her Wuff Wuff. We skipped clothes for their new friends and got them sunglasses, yes they were overpriced, but it was worth making the memories.