River Trail

Yesterday I got out and ran for the first time since we moved, All last week I was out of commission because of my knee being so swollen and sore I couldn't even walk let alone run. But yesterday I finally got to check out the trail that starts not too far from here, I thought it was paved, but turns out it's not. It was my first time running on dirt, it was pretty hard though, since the ground is kinda frozen, parts of the trail were even covered with snow.

It was a hard run since it had been so long, and I still had a little bit of pain in my knee. I ran half of it with my headphones on like  I normally do, but I stopped for a second to take a picture of the amazing view I had while running. When I stopped I took out my headphones and realized I was missing the wonderful sounds of nature, the flowing river, the birds, the sound of my feet hitting the dirt. It was great.  I even saw two deer. that might just be my new favorite place to go, and I'll never have to turn around and run in multiple times, even if i am training for a full marathon. the trail is 51 miles long! 

I can't wait till it's warmer and we can take the kids to walk, or ride bikes. We might have to invest in an ergo baby carrier so we can hit the trail fully prepared! Yay for new places to exercise!