growing babies

Yesterday I went on a date with one of my friends to a consignment sale. I absolutely LOVE consignment sales. There's nothing better than being able to buy outfits for the kids for $2. It just happened to be half price day at this sale, I spent about $16 and walked away with about 10-12 outfits. You can't beat that. I got three pairs of pj's for Josiah for $1.50. that's cheap. I wish I could find men's clothing for that cheap! Eugene needs a new wardrobe.

I had a ton of fun looking through all the cute little boy summer outfits, I am so excited to dress this boy as he grows. We also went to Target where I found the perfect outfit for Josiah. Eugene and I saw it last time we went, but at the time we didn't have $10 to spend on one outfit. God worked out some things though, because Yesterday I found it on the clearance rack, and it was the only one left, and it just happened to be the size I needed for Josiah!!

The only bad part about buying all these new clothes was the fact that we don't have a dryer, so I washed all the new clothes and it just added extra clothes to hang around. Actually, we were gone all weekend, so today I had 4 loads of laundry, I hung one and the other three we took to a laundry mat to dry... only problem is that we walked in as it was closing, we put 2 quarters in 3 machines and  had to go when they were done, so nothing got dry. yah... our house is completely covered with clothes hanging around to dry!! I really hope we can figure out what is going on with our dryer. It's nice to save money BUT it takes a lot longer to do laundry, and longer to dry it, plus we have to dodge clothes hanging in door ways.