Tennessee for Easter!

I'm very excited that in 3 short weeks I will be "home" in Tennessee. Yes, we only lived there for a few short years and we've been gone longer than we were there, but to me it's home. It's the place I made the most friends, found a church family i loved like crazy, it's the perfect environment and has everything you need close by. I even have an adopted dad there. I wish we could go back and visit more often than we do, we never have enough time to see everyone and spend the amount of time we want with everyone.

I'm excited to go sit down around the fire pit in the back yard talking and warming up, spending times with my pops and letting the kids enjoy him. They don't get to spend enough time with their grandparents, soon Eugene's mom will be here so they will get to see her and their pap more. And in a month or so we'll get to visit with my mom while camping. Parents are great, whether by birth, marriage, or adopted. They aren't appreciated near enough.