Why do I even look?!

Two Saturdays we were driving around just to drive around. it was nice out and we felt like going for a short drive. There are a ton of little roads and cute houses that line the hill out our bedroom window, so we decided to get a closer view.

We accidentally went past a road I wanted to go down and decided to turn around on this little lane. There was a for sale sign on the end, so we drove up the "lane" (driveway) to look at it. I peeked in the windows and fell in love of course.  The inside needed new paint, it looked horrible, the colors were the ugliest colors I've ever seen in a house, but all in all it was a cute 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with a family room, living room and full basement.  I called the real estate agent and found out it's a foreclosure, it's pretty cheap and even has a heat pump and central air- something rare around here.

 I can just picture us living there, which I'm trying not to do, we're  not 100% ready to buy a house. I like to day dream of the colors I'd choose, the addition I'd build off the kitchen for a dinning area, maybe even one of those cool home automation systems so I can program everything from my phone or computer while away.  Anyway... I'm going to try to stop thinking about the cute little house on the top of the hill. :)