First Grade

Well, my baby girl is going to be five in just a few weeks. We'll be starting first grade here at home using the sonlight curriculum sometime in the middle of August. FIRST GRADE. my daughter reads, she LOVES to read and she loves to color. We've been printing off a lot of color pages lately, I'm thinking of buying stock in laserjet ink cartridges.  At the rate we're going through printer ink we need something! Maybe a SAM'S club membership. Anyway... my point is that my baby is in first grade.  We are doing a homeschool coop that meets at our church this year. I'm excited and nervous. It meets once a week and lasts all day, Lexi will be learning all sorts of stuff, Caylee will too for that matter.  I do have to teach two half an hour classes, not a big deal. I'll be teaching math and I'm excited. I love math.  So our year is going to be busy, but fun.


I think God is teaching us a little lesson on contentment through the van we bought (and through my injuries) . Our car had some issues that we knew were going to need to be fixed soon, so I know there is a chance we'd be in the same boat if we had kept it and not traded it for our van. But... we've had issue after issue come up and unfortunately we are having to pick and chose one thing at a time to take care of.  Right now we have a tire that needs replaced, we've noticed wobbling for a few days, today we discovered the belt in the tire is broken, so we have metal spikes coming out of our tire right now. So that will be the next thing we take care of. We replaced the EGR valve because the check engine light said that is what was wrong, but... the check engine light is still on and saying EGR.. so that means it's a hose or another part not really the EGR valve, which we already replaced.  The AC stopped working, the heat doesn't work yah... we're realizing the grass is not always greener.  BUT, praise the Lord, we are still all healthy, we haven't been injured, or gotten in an accident. We made it to WV for a family reunion even with the issues, and we made it home too.

Then, God is teaching me contentment with my body, I've had knee issues, nothing like I need a torn acl brace, but it swells now and then, my elbow is now acting up, I can't put any weight on it, or pick things up, even putting in my contacts hurts. I guess I did too much at once, trying to do the 30 day shred and push ups in an attempt to tone up this body I've worked so hard to lose weight on. 

I've never been good at being content, I'm trying to work on it. There are some things we can change, and there are other things that God has us in this place for a reason and I need to be content with it. That is what I am working on right now, seeing the difference and working on what I can work on.

So close

I have hit my pre-baby weight! I am just 4.4lbs away from my "goal". My original goal was my pre-pregnancy weight. Then (before I hit it) I decided that 5 more pounds off would probably be better, however I'm going to have to see what I look like when I hit my new goal. I might still have some fat to lose, but I think at that point it is going to be more about toning and being healthy than losing weight. I'm not the type to buy weight loss pills, even though I know other people who use them. I like to do things the old fashioned way with diet and exercise.

The last 10lbs have been a struggle to lose, seems like i lose 2 and gain 1! I'm hoping that my plateau is over though, since I've been losing again now. It will really make things a lot nicer and easier to keep on going if I continue to see results!!  

Talk about last minute!

This morning around 11am we decided that we would go to my husband's family reunion this weekend. In West Virginia. Leaving tomorrow. I still haven't packed. and going on a weekend long trip with 3 kids is not a "throw some stuff in a bag and go" type of trip. Guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning. Of course, I also have to drop the van off at the garage to get inspected and an oil change, and take the kids to story hour. THEN i'll pack and load the van.  And eventually we'll leave. Oh yah, I have to go to another garage where the van we are selling is and pay them for looking over it. fun times.

I am hoping I can find clothes that fit Lexi, I think she's in a growth spurt, she seems to be getting taller and taller, maybe we need to get a stadiometer like they use at the dr's office to keep track of their height. It always happens overnight.

practice race

Monday I'm running my first 5K. I'm excited because this is my first race that is about racing, not just about finishing.  Normally I have a time goal in mind, but it's one that is easy to hit. This time it's 3.1 miles, not 13.1 so I know finishing is not going to be a good enough goal.

Tonight some of the running group met to do a practice 5K. I begged my husband to let me use his iphone so I could use runkeeper to track my speed. Only the smart person that I am messed up and accidentally paused it for awhile, so it wasn't accurate. It was paused for about .3 miles, and said it took 19 minutes 33 seconds. I'm thinking I ran it in just under 25 minutes. My goal for Monday was going to be 27 minutes. Now I'm thinking I need to do 25 minutes. I'm not 100% sure what the time really was, so I'd hate to put some crazy goal of 21 minutes in my head only to realize i'm really off in guessing my time for tonight.

I can already tell this 5K time is going to be addicting in my head. I'm going to work and work and work until I get faster and faster and faster. Especially now that I know the 5K route that is right here in town, I can run it every week if I want (only keep better track of my speed). I'm thinking I need a stop watch!