Holloween or not holloween.

We're not fully set on whether or not we will take the kids trick or treating or not.  The past 4 years we have taken them some years, and not others. I personally love dressing up. I always have, and I love to have a reason to dress up. I'm not into the sexy bunny costumes or anything, but I have a friend who's whole family dresses up as a theme, last year they were Peter Pan characters. This year they have something else fun planned. I just think it would be kinda fun to pick a book or classic movie and each of us pick a character to dress as! Think of how cute it would be to all fit in together and walk around as a family getting candy. :)

I just wish there wasn't the evil behind it, I don't like having to explain to my kids why there are scary looking decorations, or people dressed up as witches, vampires and other scary things! Not to mention the bad dreams they have just from seeing some of the stuff that they see in stores.  So who knows what we'll decide this year.