Sleep is a rare gem in this house lately. At least for Eugene and I. Eugene has been busy working on Battleground stuff and last week I was busy almost every night working on his nieces wedding cake. (which by the way I think turned out beautifully) so things have been kind of crazy, and Josiah has been acting weird during the night. Now he has a stuffed up nose, which never helps him sleep so I'm not expecting tonight to be much different.  Today at nap time I was honestly half wishing I had an iphone or one of those tablet netbooks so I could just lay down and watch some tv while getting him to sleep. instead I ended up falling asleep myself! It actually felt good, despite the fact that I knew I had work I should be doing.

My weeks have become more busy and two days of the week I now have to get up and get us all out the door around 8am.  We've joined a homeschool co op, which pretty  much consumes all of Tuesday. I like it and am happy for the opportunity. The girls both love it too. Then Thursday mornings I go to Zumba and Bible study at church, i get done at 11ish, so that's not too bad. The other days are pretty much normal household stuff with school with Lexi, cleaning, cooking, laundry etc.

Hmm... seeing as tomorrow is Tuesday, maybe I should go over my math lessons for co-op!