The Battleground

Last year we, along with a few other people, started a youth outreach called The Battleground. Twice a month we meet at a local youth hang out. We bring in a band or two and open the doors for the youth from around town, just to give them a safe place to hang out and see Jesus.

Not long ago we bought a sound system, just one of the many things that we will need as we grow, and one day get our own place. I was amazed at the expense of the different things we needed for it, even the used one we bought seemed a crazy price to me. A few months into using the sound system and two of our amps blew, so we had to go buy some new ones. We got better ones this time, they might be Pro Audio, I don't remember. but I know they sound a lot better than the old ones.  What is the most amazing to me is that every time we have needed something God has provided either the money for it, or what we needed. It just makes me all the more excited to watch as God keeps his hand in this ministry and furthers his kingdom here in our little town.