As the weather gets warmer I can almost smell the scents of camping. the tent, the bug spray, the dirt, the grass, the pine trees. the air mattress, ok so the air mattress isn't a nice smell, but it's part of camping.  We only have one camping trip scheduled this year, but i really hope we get more than that in. I'm due in the end of July, so it is making this year a little more challenging. Camping with a few week old baby doesn't seem like much fun, and neither does camping while 36 weeks pregnant. Although, I supposed if my brother in law who has had back surgery (not minimally invasive spine surgery either) can camp on an air mattress, someone who is 36 weeks pregnant can camp on one too right? 

Our planned camping trip is our annual Memorial Day weekend camping trip with my family. It's fun to gather together with my sisters, mom, step dad, and some of my aunts and uncles and cousins. I wish we saw them all more than just once a year, but at least we get to see them this much. We keep hoping that more and more family will join us as the years go on, but it's always the same group, maybe one year we'll be blessed with the presence of one of my brothers, or another aunt or uncle.  Some family traditions are nice to have. Especially ones that involve tents, swimming and good camping food!