blow ups slide horror story

it was a dark windy evening outside the local YMCA where a small church was meeting together for a fall festival. Among the activities were games, food, fellowship and a big blow up slide. Shortly after the breaking of bread, i mean chili and hot dogs, they went inside for an annual youth vs adults basketball game. a few people stayed outside to help clean up the terrifying mess that 200 people can leave. Also remaining outside were some children enjoying their time on the slide. Suddenly it happened, i don't know if it was a cause of too many children, some rough housing, a malfunction in the tie downs or just a slight breeze... but before anyone could do anything the huge blow up slide fell over sending kids falling all over each other and one poor girl falling off the top of the 20ft slide. Luckily a doctor stood close by and ran over to check on the children. The girl who had fallen from the top of the slide suffered a broken arm, the remaining children suffered from only bumps and bruises and the scare of their life. Yes this really did happen... scarey huh?


Well, I took Lexi to have her weighed and she weighs 11lbs 4 oz now. The health department was WAY off a month ago when they told us she weighed 12lbs. oh well! she's in the 40th percentile for her weight- i'm not sure what that means though.

collection agencies

I hate people calling and asking for money. I know that it's a bill we made and we should pay it, I know God doesn't want us to have debt or owe people money but doctors and hospitals should not charge so much. I think they take advantage of the situation. 99% of the time we have no choice but to go to the doctor, we're sick or having a baby. Then even AFTER insurance we end up with $4,000 worth of medical bills. Then we have five different people calling us trying to get us to pay them and then I freak and tell the poor lady trying to get me to pay that we are living on one SMALL income and there are seventeen different places trying to get our money that we don't have. can you tell I just got off the phone with one? grrr. I wasn't a very nice person. I didn't cuss or say anything bad to her but I got very emotional and told her there was nothing I could do. She tried to get Eugene's information about where he worked and stuff and when I asked her why she needed to know that she stumbled all over herself for an answer, so that made me more mad. But I told her when we got money I'd send her some, but for now to stop calling my cell phone. I need to win the lottery or something. do you have to play the lottery to win it? I guess the odds are about the same either way huh?

sleepful nights

Well, lately Lexi has been sleeping pretty good at night! WOO HOO! I'm not sure if it's cuz she is sick or what. but I like it! She is even going to sleep in her crib without crying! Eugene is going to be home from work soon and I don't even have a thought about what to cook for supper... oops! I better go, but not without posting a picture of Lexi first....

First Cold

poor little Lexi has her first cold... she's sneezing, coughing and running a fever. :( I feel so bad for her. She had a busy weekend, her Nana, Aunt April and three of her cousins were visiting! We had a lot of fun. She took her first trip to the Ocoee River, and she was dedicated in Church on Sunday. so this is a short blog, but I have to clean the house and care for my sick little baby. All prayers are appreciated.

This one's not very good, she's kinda got her head flopped back funny, but it's the only one they took of all three of us.

She really liked the towels, The lady told me to push her legs up under her, but she refused to do that, every time I'd push her legs up she'd flatten them back out. In the first picture you can see I had just pushed her legs up and she's looking at me like "mom, I don't want them up..."

I think this is the only one where she actually looked right at the camera

Lexi's photos

I decided it would be easier to just post some of my favorite photos than to try to explain how to go look at them. Here's one of her photos

picture perfect...

Well, we took Lexi to get her pictures taken today (remember we won those two free photo sheets). I didn't think they were going to come out good because of course she was crabby and fussing, I finally just said "ok, we'll just see what happens" and we went into the room with her binky in her mouth. we got the picture all ready and pulled the binky out right as she took the pictures. Luckily we only had to do that for two pictures, then she cheered up and was just awake and alert. she refused to look at the camera or even near the camera for 99% of the pictures, she was too busy looking at all the neat things on the walls. They took a TON of poses and then sat us down and we had to chose two- or pay to buy others. Well, we're broke right now, so we went in there knowing we'd only get two. There was one problem... She is SO DARN CUTE. We had it narrowed down to four and then they told us that the picture collages are on sale for $9.99. SO... we ordered one. so we're getting the two free 8x10's and then an 8x10 that has 9 different pictures in it. it's so cute. plus, since we ordered something other than our free sheets they keep the pictures for six months so if we ever get money we'll be able to order more. OR if anyone else wants to order some they can. They post the pictures online in 48 hours, so when they do that I'll tell you how to look at them. but beware... she's cute!!!


Here's Lexi today! so cute with her little purple cord overals on... :) someday I'll get her to smile for the camera...

who's that little girl?

Here's lexi staring at the little girl in the flower... (it's a mirror).
I forgot to mention that she was pretty much sleeping ALL day yesterday so we didn't expect her to sleep at all last night...


Lexi slept from 11pm until 7am, with only a brief fussing at 5am, when I went in to check on her it was freezing cold in her room and she joined us in bed and continued sleeping!!! WOO HOO! Go Lexi!

Sleeping baby

Well, Last night Lexi only woke up once! WOO HOO! although she's been sleeping all day and only been awake for a couple hours all day, i'm starting to wonder if there is something wrong with her. Although she might just be growing, cuz that makes them tired. She's so cute, she was in her swing earlier, and there is a mirror over her head, she was staring at herself smiling. She even played a bit this morning, she was starting to get fussy so I tried to give her her binky, well she made a funny face and spit it out, so I kept taking it and rubbing her lips with it, then taking it away and saying "EWWW". she just thought that was the funniest thing and was smiling so big. I can't wait for her to laugh.

Lexi had her first drum lesson the other night, you got to start them early if you want them to be the best! I think she was a little scared of the size of the drum stick, we might have to find some mini ones.

I love the feet!!!!

At first Lexi was thrilled at the thought of having play time with her daddy, but as soon as mommy took the picture she started screaming.

Lexi likes to sleep on our bed... isn't she CUTE?!


Well, one of my turtles were having this problem where it was basically pooping out its intestines, then they'd go back in eventually. we couldn't figure out what was causing the problem, until we put it in a tank by itself and noticed after a day that there was a ton of gravel in the bottom of the tank and we didn't put it there... Turns out they have been eating the gravel in their tank. I took out all the gravel and put him back in the big tank and watched as the other one pooped out about 15 pieces of gravel. OOPS! So word of advise for any turtle owners, don't put gravel in their tank.

oh! I forgot...

A couple weeks ago Eugene and I were walking around the mall and there was a table infront of Sears to sign up to win two free photo sheets and photo session. So me, being silly decided to sign up- I never win anything but I sign up for a lot of stuff- who doesn't want to win?! Anyway, friday night we were at a tail gate party and they called me and guess what? I WON!!! So Lexi is going to have her picture taken next Tuesday. Unfortunatly because of our lack of money we wont be able to buy any more pictures than the two sheets, so we'll probably be selfish and just get ourselves pictures and not share. HE HE... yah, I'm a winner!

She Smiles

So yesterday Lexi started focusing her smiles... Eugene and I were laying on our bed staring at her, and she looked at me so I smiled at her and told her she was beautiful and that I love her and she just got this HUGE ear to ear grin. don't get me wrong, she's been smiling for awhile now, but this was a real, planned, "hey, you're my mom" grin. Then Eugene started talking to her, so she turned her head and did the same smile for him! She did it several other times last night too... YAY! we reached a mile-stone. As soon as we get a picture of it I'll post it.

Ok, one more picture... this was Lexi this morning sitting in the bowl chair waiting for mommy and daddy to be ready for church like she was...

Lexi and I were taking a nap.. can you tell? notice the smirk on her face... and Yes... she's laying on her belly I know it's bad....

i feel like a slacker

I was reading Beth's blog and man, she posts a lot!!! it made me feel like a total slacker. Not only does she post a lot, she also keeps up with current events and post intelectual things about them, I can't even spell intellectual let alone write about it... anyway, So i decided to take three minutes while Lexi is still sleeping and blog. But I don't have anything exciting going on like camping at Yellowstone, or my baby being in a wedding, or being pregnant. nope, nothing too exciting. Lexi got four shots the other day and they told us she weighs 12lbs now, but I don't know if that's true or not because my friend's baby weighs 12lbs 8 oz and she feels a lot heavier than Lexi.
Yup, man, I need a life... All I do is feed the baby and clean the house. Thursday I went to a church play date where all the stay at home mothers bring their kids to the park to play (which by the way Beth, is every week and I just didn't know it...) So my friend Laura picked Lexi and I up and we went to the park. Then we went to the court house where she got a new "tag" (lisence plate) for her car. Then Lexi and I went over to their house. We found out Lexi is allergic to cats, atleast I think because her eyes got red and puffy while we were there.
For the last few nights Lexi has successfully slept in her crib, with only a few minutes of crying when we first put her down, and an occasional cry after night feedings. (She's still up every three hours to eat) We're also working on a schedule... she goes to bed every night between 9:30 and 10. that's as far as we've gotten with a schedule.
So, she's starting to stir which means she'll wake up and want to eat, so I'll go after I post a new picture...


Ok, so Blogger messes up every time I try to post a picture... here is a recent one of Lexi, taken Wednesday. enjoy!!