Have you ever noticed how far fetched cartoons are? Sure, some cartoons like batman and superman are made to be unrealistic. But I'm talking about Caillou.
Caillou (I think the spelling of this word is ridiculous. I feel terrible for any boy with this name.) anyway, Caillou is about a little boy and his life, just the daily things he does. Sometimes it cracks me up.
The other day he went to the hospital with his grandmother, or maybe it was a nursing home. Either way, his grandma helped out there, so he went with her. She let him push the healthcare cart through the halls delivering the food. Tell me something, who would let a 4 year old be in control of all the food? he he.
There are other times I just laugh at the things they let this little boy do by himself. He has a lot of responsibility for a four year old.

Making ends meet

I'm so proud of my husband. He works hard all day at work, then comes home and plays hard with his daughter.
He's always good to make sure he provides for us, Yes, God is the ultimate provider, after all, He gave my husband this job he has. But my husband takes his job of watching over us seriously.
As you all know we recently moved and he started a new job, which he is really enjoying. He makes more money, which balances out for the higher cost of living, but he also has amazing benefits.
To help us make ends meet even more he has started doing side jobs for people who are looking to get their ideas patented. He has finished one project, which came in perfect timing, because we are needing to get work done on the car.
He's going to be working on a couple more projects too, which will hopefully give us some money for birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents.
He enjoys doing these, they're new, exciting ideas they require a lot of research, he might even need to do some market research in the future. Mostly he just has to make sure his drawings meet all the patent offices requirements.
It's just amazing to me how my husband can work so hard at work, then come home and work hard too. I love him!


Did you know it's bad for your medicine to be stored in the bathroom? Beth told me this the other day and I quickly rearranged my minimal cabinet space in the kitchen to get all my medicine out of the humid bathroom. While I was doing so I found some yummy chocolate calcium supplements. I had forgotten all about them.
I don't take nutritional supplements, I'd much rather eat meat than take a pill. I do have a vegetarian sister and friend though and I know supplements are very important to them. I'm sure I should be taking more, I know I don't get enough milk. once glass every other day isn't enough is it? he he.
These particular calcium supplements I have i was given by Kathy a while back. I take them when I remember because they taste so good! it's a good chocolate fix when I'm craving it. YUM chocolate.

sports bloopers

Do you ever watch Sports bloopers on tv? We were watching some the other day and I saw all the typical bloopers, you know the bat goes flying as the batter swings, the biker flips over the handlebars, the bull rider goes over the fence.
Then I saw a new one! A lady was riding a horse, and wouldn't you know, her equestrian riding apparel- as snug as it was, got all caught in the saddle and the horse bucked and guess what? she was stuck hanging from the horse. How those tight clothes got caught, I have no clue, but i found it interesting an thought I'd share.

Movie theaters in your house

I have a friend who was building a movie room in their house. Can you imagine this? a big screen, projector, reclining comfortable luxury seats, popcorn machines, the whole nine yards.. All in your house! I don't think I'd see my husband again unless I went in that room! What is even more amazing to me is that this is becoming quite popular among wealthy people!
I never go to movie theaters because they cost so much, maybe that is why people are doing this. Maybe it's so they can have big parties and watch the super bowl, or newly released movies with all their friends. I really don't know. I do know that when my husband was doing residential drawings at his old job, he drew up many a house with a movie theater in it! I just can't even imagine that!

our lawn chairs

For the third time in our life it looks as though we will be putting away the lawn chairs.
Maybe I should explain. We don't buy furniture. Nope. The only piece of furniture we have ever bought was our bed. Not a head board or foot board, just a mattress, box spring and cheap metal frame for under it. The only reason we bought that is because my husband worked for Sealy so we got the employee discount. And man was it a discount!
Through the years we have acquired several pieces of furniture, my husband came into this marriage with an antique dresser and a set of nesting tables- both given to him from his father's antique shop. I had a twin bedroom set that I used growing up, desk, bed frame and dresser.
We have managed to get two tables (one small kitchen table and one solid oak dinning room table). We have also received a very nice buffet table, a washer and dryer, a microwave, and a crib.
Two things we have yet to come by are a nice couch and a nice wood entertainment center. We've been given several couches, most have some weird problem (one was extremely cute and comfortable but had no legs, so it was really low, one was comfortable and nice, and had legs but it was pleather and the stuff flaked off everywhere. A few have been on the stinky side, and one was just way too big as well as slightly chewed from a puppy.)
When we are in between couches (pretty much every time we move) we use our lawn chairs. So for the past 3 months the seating in our living room has been provided by our slightly old, falling apart chewed on lawn chairs. (thanks to that same puppy).
Well, it seems we will be inheriting another couch soon, so (PRAISE THE LORD) our lawn chairs can get folded up and put back in the closet. One of these years with a bonus or income tax we are going to just go buy a nice couch and entertainment center. I think we'll check a discount furniture store first. We've seen several nice, cheap pieces of furniture in stores like that.
Until that time, we'll continue using hand me downs!

Can you feel the love tonight?

The other day I was thinking about the movie The Lion King.
I have no clue why I was thinking about it. I don't even like the movie. I thought it was okay when it first came out, then they came out with 2 or 3 other sequels and I was wondering if they would ever stop making them.
I wonder if the sales of Elton John tickets went up when the movie came out? I don't remember ever hearing about him before The Lion King. I know he was around and pretty famous but I had never heard of him.
So then I was wondering how many little kids went to Elton John concerts because they liked The Lion King. I wonder how many CD's he sold, and if he won the hearts of any adults from his amazing sound track.
Then I realized how random and dumb my thoughts can be, and now I am wondering why I am sharing all this with you?!

Beating the odds

I've been thinking a lot about graduation lately. Not just high school, but college graduation too.
I wonder how many people who start college actually finish. I was trying to look up some statistics, but I'm not that patient and nothing really helpful was coming up on the front page of google!
However I did notice some statistics from one particular college that compared itself to other colleges.
Their bragging rights? 54% of people who started college in the 4 year program graduated in 4 years or less. That was higher than the other colleges it had listed. I don't know how many of the 46% that didn't graduate in 4 years or less didn't graduate at all, or how many just took 5 years to graduate but 54% was actually higher than I expected.
Part of the thing I have been thinking about is the number of people who start but don't finish. I am one of those people. I went to college for two years for Elementary Education. After 2 years two things happened that influenced my decision to "drop out". The first was I decided I didn't really want to be a kindergarten teacher, the second was I met a guy who lived far away from my college.
So even though I loved the social aspect of college, and I loved the homework and classes and teachers (yes I'm a geek) I left college to pursue my MRS. Degree.
Do I regret dropping out? Sometimes yes, but most of the time no. I wouldn't trade a college diploma for my husband or my daughter. Besides, all it would do for me now is give me a very expensive piece of paper to look at. Am I encouraging people to drop out and get married- NO! At times I wish I had a piece of paper. Just to prove I didn't quit. I don't look at it as I quit though. I look at it more as I realized what God wanted me to do.
Graduating from college is a huge milestone, it must be so fun to send out graduation announcements and receive graduation presents and praise from everyone you know. It must be so rewarding to look at your diploma and know how hard you worked for it. I admire people who graduate college.
Like I said earlier, there are very few times in my life I look back and say "man, I wish I had graduated" but never to I look at anyone that has graduated and say "man, you wasted time and money." Even if they are a stay at home mom like me.
So if you're a college graduate- Congratulations. I admire you. If you are a college graduate who is now a stay at home mom (or dad) I admire you even more! If you, like me "dropped out" or never went so you could start a family- you're not a loser! God has big plans for you too!

Cool new Safty products

I was sent these amazing Hot Walkers to try out and review. It is one of many self defense products offered by Security Solutions.
I was thrilled when I received these. They are weights weighing one pound each that you can use while you walk or jog.
So what's so exciting about Hot Walkers? How are they any different than other weights?
I'm so glad you asked.
The top of the each weight opens up, one has a hole that you can store money or keys in then replace the lid. The other opens up to reveal that it is fully equipped with pepper spray!
The reason I was so excited to get these was because I go jogging almost every day and with the crime rates increasing my husband and I have been concerned for my safety. Sometimes My husband goes with me, but that is not always possible.
With Hot Walkers we both have much more peace about me being out jogging alone. They make me feel safer and they also add to my work out! They also have that convenient slot for storing things.
If you are like me and get a little uneasy at the thought of walking or jogging alone, I highly recommend this product.
They have a ton of other safety products available, including things to protect you and your whole family. You can see them all at their website . While you are there sign up for their newsletter and you'll receive free safety tips as well as product specials through your email.

It's Christmas!!!

I am so excited! My husband has agreed to go along with Cloth Diapers. It took me 14 months but I have finally got him convinced it's worth it. Sure, the savings with Lexi might not be much since she is already 14 months old, but we will use the same diapers with the rest of the babies when they come, so we will get a lot of use out of them. (Especially since we want about 3 more-babies that is.
When the diapers finally arrive on my doorstep it is going to be like receiving a brand new Rolex or a BMW- that is how excited I am about getting these diapers.
For money reasons I have decided to go with prefolds, they are the cheapest and dry the fastest. Sure the All in ones and pocket diapers are easy and nice, but for the price of one you can get almost a dozen prefolds!
I am super excited!! Can you tell?

Carrying baby

I'm excited to do this post, partially because it's a payu2blog assignment, partially because it's about something that I enjoy.
Although I am not as enthusiastic about this topic as my friend Beth from The Natural Mommy, When my daughter was little I did use and love baby slings.
There are so many different slings available now it's crazy! We used the Ultimate baby wrap with Lexi when she was really little, once she got bigger we didn't like it so much and only used the snuggli when we had to.
Beth loves her Maya wrap and also has a homemade sling too.
Slings are great for days when the baby is being exceptionally clingy and does not want to be put down, but you still want to get stuff done. They are also great for shopping or walks with a little baby.
Some slings can be used up to 35 or more pounds, but I don't know as though I would want to be carry around my 22lbs baby in a sling!
They do create a comfortable, secure environment for the baby which of course makes the baby happy and calm.
Make sure you check out Beth's post for a TON more information on the benefits of baby wearing!

My new site

In my last post I told you I was moving. I am so excited to have my own .com!! I feel cool now.
I plan on using my site to share my thoughts and feelings on everything. I also will eventually have a store up and running there (hopefully). I plan on selling hair bows, Taggy blankets, bibs,and burp clothes. Maybe even a few other things.
As I said in the last post this site will continue to be up and running for my payu2blog assignments. I thought rather than try to be completely creative and think of ways to use words like billet grilles in a post about my daughter or saving money, I'd be free to talk about whatever I want to complete my assignments.
So please, visit my new site, leave me a comment :) While you're there look at my blogroll and go tell Ashley (twentysixcats) and my mom (ain't no place) thanks for helping me get it up and running! And much thanks to my husband for making the banner for my new site!

Breaking the Silence

I've been so quiet on this blog lately. I've been enjoying blogging at my site, but I thought it was time to break the silence over here at ha ha made you look.
I can't believe it's October already! The year is flying by, seems like each year goes faster than the one before it.
Football season has started and I have to admit I'm kinda getting into the game. My husband and I have actually found ourselves sitting on the floor in front of our TV watching the game on Sunday afternoon. I'm really missing all my Tennessee football fans.
I remember when we first moved to the Volunteer state I couldn't believe how crazy those people were over their college school football team. Bright orange was proudly displayed and worn everywhere by almost everyone. I have even seen a house with bright orange shutters and a bright orange door. I thought those people were crazy.
Little did I know I'd fall in love with some of the biggest Volunteer fans there are. I'd even get to know one of the bodies behind the mascot, Smokey the dog. I have to admit for about 2 years of hearing Smokey I thought they were referring to Smokey the bear. I thought Volunteer goes pretty good with Smokey the bear right? Maybe the football team was also the volunteer fire department? So I was a little uneducated. I learned!
For all my VOLS fans out there-Go Big Orange.