Carrying baby

I'm excited to do this post, partially because it's a payu2blog assignment, partially because it's about something that I enjoy.
Although I am not as enthusiastic about this topic as my friend Beth from The Natural Mommy, When my daughter was little I did use and love baby slings.
There are so many different slings available now it's crazy! We used the Ultimate baby wrap with Lexi when she was really little, once she got bigger we didn't like it so much and only used the snuggli when we had to.
Beth loves her Maya wrap and also has a homemade sling too.
Slings are great for days when the baby is being exceptionally clingy and does not want to be put down, but you still want to get stuff done. They are also great for shopping or walks with a little baby.
Some slings can be used up to 35 or more pounds, but I don't know as though I would want to be carry around my 22lbs baby in a sling!
They do create a comfortable, secure environment for the baby which of course makes the baby happy and calm.
Make sure you check out Beth's post for a TON more information on the benefits of baby wearing!