Have you ever noticed how far fetched cartoons are? Sure, some cartoons like batman and superman are made to be unrealistic. But I'm talking about Caillou.
Caillou (I think the spelling of this word is ridiculous. I feel terrible for any boy with this name.) anyway, Caillou is about a little boy and his life, just the daily things he does. Sometimes it cracks me up.
The other day he went to the hospital with his grandmother, or maybe it was a nursing home. Either way, his grandma helped out there, so he went with her. She let him push the healthcare cart through the halls delivering the food. Tell me something, who would let a 4 year old be in control of all the food? he he.
There are other times I just laugh at the things they let this little boy do by himself. He has a lot of responsibility for a four year old.


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