Cool new Safty products

I was sent these amazing Hot Walkers to try out and review. It is one of many self defense products offered by Security Solutions.
I was thrilled when I received these. They are weights weighing one pound each that you can use while you walk or jog.
So what's so exciting about Hot Walkers? How are they any different than other weights?
I'm so glad you asked.
The top of the each weight opens up, one has a hole that you can store money or keys in then replace the lid. The other opens up to reveal that it is fully equipped with pepper spray!
The reason I was so excited to get these was because I go jogging almost every day and with the crime rates increasing my husband and I have been concerned for my safety. Sometimes My husband goes with me, but that is not always possible.
With Hot Walkers we both have much more peace about me being out jogging alone. They make me feel safer and they also add to my work out! They also have that convenient slot for storing things.
If you are like me and get a little uneasy at the thought of walking or jogging alone, I highly recommend this product.
They have a ton of other safety products available, including things to protect you and your whole family. You can see them all at their website . While you are there sign up for their newsletter and you'll receive free safety tips as well as product specials through your email.