Making ends meet

I'm so proud of my husband. He works hard all day at work, then comes home and plays hard with his daughter.
He's always good to make sure he provides for us, Yes, God is the ultimate provider, after all, He gave my husband this job he has. But my husband takes his job of watching over us seriously.
As you all know we recently moved and he started a new job, which he is really enjoying. He makes more money, which balances out for the higher cost of living, but he also has amazing benefits.
To help us make ends meet even more he has started doing side jobs for people who are looking to get their ideas patented. He has finished one project, which came in perfect timing, because we are needing to get work done on the car.
He's going to be working on a couple more projects too, which will hopefully give us some money for birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents.
He enjoys doing these, they're new, exciting ideas they require a lot of research, he might even need to do some market research in the future. Mostly he just has to make sure his drawings meet all the patent offices requirements.
It's just amazing to me how my husband can work so hard at work, then come home and work hard too. I love him!