our lawn chairs

For the third time in our life it looks as though we will be putting away the lawn chairs.
Maybe I should explain. We don't buy furniture. Nope. The only piece of furniture we have ever bought was our bed. Not a head board or foot board, just a mattress, box spring and cheap metal frame for under it. The only reason we bought that is because my husband worked for Sealy so we got the employee discount. And man was it a discount!
Through the years we have acquired several pieces of furniture, my husband came into this marriage with an antique dresser and a set of nesting tables- both given to him from his father's antique shop. I had a twin bedroom set that I used growing up, desk, bed frame and dresser.
We have managed to get two tables (one small kitchen table and one solid oak dinning room table). We have also received a very nice buffet table, a washer and dryer, a microwave, and a crib.
Two things we have yet to come by are a nice couch and a nice wood entertainment center. We've been given several couches, most have some weird problem (one was extremely cute and comfortable but had no legs, so it was really low, one was comfortable and nice, and had legs but it was pleather and the stuff flaked off everywhere. A few have been on the stinky side, and one was just way too big as well as slightly chewed from a puppy.)
When we are in between couches (pretty much every time we move) we use our lawn chairs. So for the past 3 months the seating in our living room has been provided by our slightly old, falling apart chewed on lawn chairs. (thanks to that same puppy).
Well, it seems we will be inheriting another couch soon, so (PRAISE THE LORD) our lawn chairs can get folded up and put back in the closet. One of these years with a bonus or income tax we are going to just go buy a nice couch and entertainment center. I think we'll check a discount furniture store first. We've seen several nice, cheap pieces of furniture in stores like that.
Until that time, we'll continue using hand me downs!