Cell phones

I talk on the phone entirely too much. I have used more than 900 peak minutes in a month.
Our two year contract ran out with our cell phone providers and we decided to cut the minutes down to 700 SHARED minutes so we could afford to get a land line with unlimited long distance. Sounds good doesn't it?
I called the home phone providers and they informed me I had to wait over 2 weeks before they could get someone here to set up the phone stuff! Can you believe that?
Imagine how hard it is for me, someone who is used to having 900 minutes myself, to try to use only 350!!! That's no where near enough minutes. I need a cell phone booster for my battery. My husband would say I just need to stop talking on the phone.
He's a guy, what does he know about talking? Obviously he doesn't know it's a necessity! :)