During our 6 hour drive home yesterday, my husband and I were talking about vacations.

Since we've gotten married we haven't ever really had a family vacation. Most of the jobs my husband has had did not offer paid vacation days, if they did we used them to visit family. Any holiday or day he got off was always used for traveling to and from Maine, Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania or Virginia.

We live pretty far from my family, so we don't see them that often, when we do it's always a rush to make sure we see everyone while we're in town.

His job he has now gives him 2 weeks of paid vacation. That might actually leave us enough days for traveling to see family AND having our very first ever family vacation.

Which of course has us thinking about where we should go and when. Do we fly or drive? Stay in a hotel, rent a cabin or camp? Get travel insurance or not?

We had thought about going to the beach somewhere. Probably either in North or South Carolina, then we realized we probably have access to someone's house in Florida, so we could go there for free. There are so many choices. Wherever we go we want it to be relaxing and fun, not jam packed with doing things and seeing things and spending money. We want a low key vacation. Does anyone have any good ideas?


ashley said...

My parents have a house in Florida. :-) And a nice guest room!

Jessica said...

I updated the links for the CVS photos. The last link I can't get to work either. When I did this I had to go back after a couple days and it worked so you may want to try that. Thanks for letting me know it's not working.