I'm leaving

on a Jet plane... Don't know when I'll be back again.

OK, that is a lie. I'm not leaving on a plane, and I know when I'll be back again.

But I'm soooo excited because on Wednesday (my birthday) we'll be getting in the car and driving 6 hours to visit all our good friends in Tennessee. We miss them so bad, we haven't seen them since July and Lexi has changed so much since then.

We'll be spending Thanksgiving with Jim and Kathy, and visiting all our friends from our church. We'll be coming home on Monday. I'm sure I wont want to leave.

So tomorrow and Tuesday I'll be packing our Samsonite luggage and loading the car. ok, we don't really have that nice luggage, but someday....

I'm always afraid I'll forget something. Last weekend when we went to visit my sister in law we forgot to bring any of Lexi's toys. Luckily they have a 7 year old who had some toys Lexi could play with. We're going to try to avoid forgetting the toys this trip, We wouldn't want Lexi having to play with dog toys!!