Mock Turtle Neck

I received a mock turtleneck in the mail the other day from a company called Clothing 4 All. Although it wasn't the size I expected (I thought it was going to be a 2T, it was a children's size 2-4 instead) It looks VERY warm. I would highly recommend you going to and ordering one for yourself too.

Here's a picture of the shirt..

Since it wasn't the size I expected I couldn't post a picture of it on someone.

I wish I had bought a size for me though because it looks so warm. I put my arm in it to test it out, and it's super soft on the inside. So soft infact I think I could crawl up in it and sleep.

The black is the perfect shade of black, but they are available in a bunch of different colors, I picked black because it will go with anything. It's going to make a great Christmas present for a niece or nephew of mine, one that I know will last awhile and stand up to the rough and toughness of a child.