Cleaning day

Our official moving date is April 26th. Yes, that is next Saturday. No, we are not all packed. Yes we are crazy.

This Saturday we will be having a deep cleaning day. Everything from the floors, to the tub, to the walls to the lighting fixtures will be cleaned. and I don't just mean cleaned. I mean SCRUBBED.

I am very um... obsessive about making sure a place is clean before we move in. I clean everything. I love it. A big empty room, no furniture, no pictures, no toys. Nothing in the way. Just me, my bucket and my rag! Or course, being pregnant means the husband has to help. He's volunteered to clean the bathrooms. What a nice husband. He just knows that if he didn't do it, I'd be in there with bleach, and that's a bad thing.

So... anyone want to pack a box, or scrub a floor?