Pregnant hormones

These pregnant hormones are making my acne act up. The weird thing is when I get pregnant, my face clears up, but my chest normally breaks out. Maybe I should get some acne treatment to eliminate zits on my chest!

I'm 16 weeks along, So far I've gained a whole 2 lbs. Hopefully only 2 more weeks until we find out if we're having a boy or girl... what do you think it is? Eugene is wanting a boy, I think a boy would be fun, but I'm not opposed to a girl either! I've been around a lot of boys lately, Eugene has a new nephew, I'm watching a little boy who is the same age as Lexi- he's really fun. Lexi is enjoying having a friend here, but I don't think she's fond of sharing her toys with him. At least it will prepare her for having a sibling right?