House hunting

We're "fixin to" move. Our lease doesn't run up until July 31st, but with the baby due in September, and the history of premature labor I have, we really don't want to wait that long. Plus, our apartment has some issues, one of them being that it's way to small and cluttered. We were told it was 900 sq feet, after measuring it I came up with 750 sq feet.

Anyway, we're not ready to buy yet, so we'll be looking for another rental. I really want a single family home, I'm tired of listening to the people around us, and smelling their food and cigarettes.

Even though we're not ready to buy,I can't help but look at the cute houses that are for sale. We drive by a sign and I just say "oh, how cute." There are a lot of cute houses that have been turned into commercial real estate around here. That normally bothers me, because the houses look so cute.

We have a huge long list of things we're looking for in our next place, we've got wants and needs on there. We always jump into an apartment then find all the things wrong with it, but have to live here for a year anyway. We're playing it smart this time!

Do you have a list of things you look for in rentals when you're searching? If so, care to share any hints?


1GR8MOMMY42 said...

We recently moved into a single family home in North Carolina from a tiny little apartment right before my youngest was born so I know what you are going through. When I looked for a place my main concern was good schools. How far is it from the Interstate(for my husbands work), and the overall area. I went to a few business near where I was looking and asked how the area was. I asked if they knew of many break in, and just crime in general. I got alot of feedback from this. I hope this helps and good luck!