A little more organization please!

Tonight my husband was looking for something.

My house has one closet, if you're looking for something, it's more than likely in there.

He was looking for something Electronicy. So, he pulled out his electronic tote. Yes, he has a whole but rubber maid container of just electronic stuff. Wires, cables, ac adaptors, USB cables, parallel cables, everything but CAT6 cables. Seriously, there is way too much stuff in this tote that I don't think we'll ever need. But who knows when you might need a spare electrical cord for a computer monitor right?!

Anyway, it was a big knotted mess. He decided he'd go through them, and managed to get rid of a few things. As he was putting them back in I got a brilliant idea to keep them organized.

I went to the kitchen and pulled out the gallon Ziploc bags, then to the desk and got a sharpie.

We labeled the bags, put the corresponding wires in each bag, then put the bags into the tote. It's amazing! Organized and everything will be easy to find when we're looking for them next time!