My mom made Lexi an Easter dress again this year. It's ADORABLE. only problem is her head is too big for the neck hole!!

So, we're gonna mail it back to my mom in Texas and have her fix it, obviously it wont be back to us in time for Easter, but we'll get plenty of use out of it this summer. It's so cute.

Last night we went out looking for a cheap but cute dress for Lexi to wear on Easter since that one wont work. We found one, but we also found several other things that caught our attention. One of those things was a rack of funny t-shirts. They said things like "genius by birth, slacker by choice" and other humorous sayings. I just love seeing funny shirts, they make life interesting. My husband and I are big t-shirt people. We wear jeans and t-shirts all day, every day (with an exception of work...) We would just rather be comfortable than "trendy" or dressed up. We're so boring! he he.