The Biggest Looser

Have I mentioned my love of the Biggest Loser? I think I have, but in case you missed it... I LOVE The Biggest Loser!!!!

That show has me completely entertained every Tuesday night. I love to see not only how much weight they lose, but what kind of prizes they win. Each week the person who loses the biggest percentage of body weight is the biggest loser of the week. They win a prize for doing so.

Most of the time they have 3 envelopes to pick from, "luxury" "game plan" or "family". of course, most of them pick game plan. However, one week they weren't labeled, they each had a question mark instead.

The biggest loser that week had to pick an envelope at random. He just happened to get the luxury envelope, and he and his entire team got to go to Las Vegas for a couple days. They did all sorts of things while they were there. I was most impressed with their hotel room! I can't imagine the cost of Las Vegas hotel reservations, but hey a show as big as the biggest loser can afford it.

I love seeing how much the people change their lives while they are on the show, and even after they get kicked off and they continue at home. It's amazing. I wish more reality shows would be that beneficial to the players.