We are at 13 weeks today. I am so excited! Tonight at church I was talking to a friend who is due in just 5 weeks. This is her first and she is very excited. There are have been so many people pregnant lately, it's so exciting to see all these babies coming into the world.

One of my friends is having a baby who has spina bifida. They are going to face surgery as soon as the baby is born, and I'm sure some other treatment as the baby grows. There is always the choice of asking God why, Why are babies born with birth defects? Why do children have to under go years of cerebral palsy therapy, surgeries and I'm sure get picked on all the time from other kids.

Truth is, only God knows why He chooses to bless some people with differences. You can ask why, or you can embrace the differences and let the child bless you in return.

Babies are babies regardless.