Clothes shopping

I have to admit. I love shopping. For anything. house stuff, baby stuff, woman's fashion, men's fashion... it doesn't matter what it is. I love to shop.

I do way more looking, or "window shopping" than I do actual buying shopping. That doesn't matter to me, it's better cuz then I don't spend money.

I would have to say that shopping for clothes for me is my less favorite thing to shop for. Mainly because I've never been one of those people who can just walk in, grab my size and walk out. I have to try on everything. It really annoys me, because even when I find my size, rarely does it look good.

I love shopping for baby stuff, and I love buying clothes for my husband. He's in dire need of work shirts right now. he's been wearing the same button ups for about 4 years now, some of them for 5 or 6 years. That's just too long to me. And he has 5 work shirts, so each week he wears the same 5 shirts. It doesn't bother him one bit, but me... I'd be sick of the same 5 shirts!!

Maybe I'll save up some money and go buy him some new clothes. That's always fun!