Dreaming again...

So, My husband and I are sick of our apartment. When we moved here we really didn't have much of a choice, we were moving from out of state, we had seen pictures of the apartment, and knew God wanted us here. We were having a hard time finding an apartment that we could afford, this one was in our price range and we decided to move in faith, hoping it would fit our needs.

When we got here we were A) tired from the long drive, B) in need of a home and C) impressed with the newness of everything. The oven and fridge still had the protective film on them!! We said Yes out of desperation and exhaustion.

It didn't take long for us to realize maybe we should have kept looking. The walls are crooked, the floors slope, there is one closet for the whole place, and what we were told was 900 sq feet is really close to 750. The neighbors are loud, there is no sound barriers between us and them, we hear everything. The return air filter needs changed weekly, I've been coughing up dirt for a few months now.

Needless to say, we're ready to move.

I've been in dream land lately, wishing we could afford to buy a house. I know that's not going to happen, but it would be so nice to have 4 walls not shared by anyone else! Maybe a nice big porch on the front with white fiberglass columns, 3 bedrooms, a basement or garage to store things, a kitchen big enough for everything, a laundry room- or even closet! Yah, dreaming is nice... I just hope we can find something nice when our lease is up. If we make it 4 months.