The Sick Bug

Welp, months of being healthy has ended in the attack of the sick bug. Yesterday we got up early to go to church and Lexi was really whiny. We didn't think much of it since we did get up early- she's used to sleeping in.

We got home from church and I started feeling sick to my stomach. The day just got worse from there, fevers, trips to the potty, diaper changes and upset stomachs.

This morning we woke up to more fevers and more belly aches. I wasn't about to change 900 dirty cloth diapers while feeling sick myself, so I made a trip to the local Target to get diapers. (Why did I chose target? Cuz we needed wipes too, and their wipes are the best buy you can find!)

By the way, I love this target. I wish it was a big closer, it's a bit out of the way, but it's in a plaza with a bunch of other things including Pet Smart and Best Buy(my husband's favorite). So when we go as a family we all get to look in stores we like.

Anyway, by 9:30 Lexi was acting normal, and I was feeling better. My husband came home from work around 11, we all took a nap and I thought we were doing good. Then at 6 Lexi's fever came back with a grudge. It was still up to 102.1 when we laid her down tonight- even with Tylenol.

Hopefully by tomorrow the sick bug will have found it's way out of my house and we can all be healthy again.