We're Moving!

Not the blog, Us! we're physically moving. In just a few weeks.

I'm really excited to have a bigger place, a place that doesn't have neighbors sharing walls.

No longer will I have to smell the burnt toast of the guy who lives next door, no longer will I have to hear the yappy annoying dog who lives (illegally) in the apartment upstairs.

Best of all- I will no longer have to deal with having only ONE closet. That's right. Our new place has two closets, a laundry closet and a storage shed outside! AND the closet in the master bedroom is twice the size of our one lonely closet that we have here.

Also, our new place is closer to my husband's work, closer to his family and closer to our car insurance office. Now if we need to stop in it wont be that big of a deal, maybe we can even convince them to give us renters insurance. Maybe.

Anyway, On May 1st we will be happily unpacking box after box. Hopefully Lexi adjusts well to another move.